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DigComics One of the most insightful, nerd-perspective articles re: Isla Vista tragedy. Thoughts?#elliotrodger #YesAllWomen http://t.co/dMcZ5xG3m5
DigComics @EscapePodComics well you DO have am awesome selection! And terrific knowledge too. Very impressed, gotta be best on LI
DigComics #DC move to Burbank(aka "Hollywood")=confirmation:"big two" are NOT publishing companies, but brand management for film/TV licenses.
DigComics Umm....somebody should tell this nerd that 40% of marriages end in divorce... http://t.co/A7KQDA1XQk
DigComics 100% right=Google honors 50th of MLKspeech;how about save same day 2017;100th bday of greatest comic artist ever? http://t.co/haaCdljnDI

The tireless Dig Comics Crew. Cartoons courtesy of Scott Shaw!


Miguel Cima ~ Writer/Director/Host
Argentinean-born New Yorker and NYU film school graduate Miguel Cima is a veteran of film, television and music. He has worked for such companies as Warner Bros., Dreamworks and MTV. An avid comic book collector since he could read, Miguel began writing stories in 4th grade and has not slowed down since. He is a world traveler, accomplished writer, filmmaker, and comics creator.


Dirk Van Fleet ~ Producer/Editor
With a decade of experience in the industry, Dirk wrote, cast, produced, and edited the horror film The Cook, released by Anchor Bay Entertainment. He also cast and produced the period short, Le Petomane: Parti Avec le Vent and has worked in music supervision for films such as The Perfect Storm and Heartbreakers. In addition, his experience includes working in TV development at Castle Rock and as assistant editor on the feature documentary, High and Dry.


Corey Blake ~ Producer
Studying the comic book industry for 15 years, Corey was a journalist for publications such as Vampirella magazine and The Comic Reader. He serves as editor for Miguel Cima's comic books and graphic novels collaborating with artists Jeff Purves (Incredible Hulk), Dame Darcy (Meatcake) and Avery Butterworth (The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allen Poo). After graduating from Emerson College, he was the associate producer for Voices From Chornobyl and various shorts for the sketch comedy group Foe Pa.


Scott Shaw! ~ Producer / Animator
Signing an exclamation point since childhood, Scott is an award-winning cartoonist who writes and draws comic books, produces, storyboards animated cartoons, directs television commercials and designs action figures. He's worked on characters for The Simpsons, The Flintstones and The Muppet Babies, as well as co-creating DC Comics' Captain Carrot And His Amazing Zoo Crew! Forty years ago, Scott was one of the original organizers of the first San Diego Comic-Con International.


Chris Brandt ~ Producer
Chris Brandt is a multi-faceted film maker living in Los Angeles, earning a living as a storyboard artist and assistant director. He honed his storytelling ability through the writing and drawing of comic books since 1990. He's created award winning and critically acclaimed works that have been used in formal educational settings around the world.


Tiina Teal ~ Producer
A late bloomer in many areas (including comics), Tiina is an award-winning musician, published writer and singer professionally trained in the extreme metal genre. In 2010 she was recruited on vocals by the legendary thrash/metal band DÃTENTE. DÃTENTE toured Europe and released the internationally acclaimed album Decline. DIG COMICS! has renewed Tiina's love for comics and she remains a devoted student of the medium.


Russell Calabrese ~ Animation
A two time Emmy Award winning director for Steven Spielberg Presents Pinky and the Brain and Where's Lazlo: Camp Lazlo. The red Converse high-top wearing Producer/Director/Animator/Designer is a tireless champion of the animation industry. Currently an executive board member of The Animation Guild and The Animation Peer Group of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. In 1990 he made the move to L.A. where he has worked for Disney, Warner Bros., Nickelodeon & many others.