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DigComics One of the most insightful, nerd-perspective articles re: Isla Vista tragedy. Thoughts?#elliotrodger #YesAllWomen http://t.co/dMcZ5xG3m5
DigComics @EscapePodComics well you DO have am awesome selection! And terrific knowledge too. Very impressed, gotta be best on LI
DigComics #DC move to Burbank(aka "Hollywood")=confirmation:"big two" are NOT publishing companies, but brand management for film/TV licenses.
DigComics Umm....somebody should tell this nerd that 40% of marriages end in divorce... http://t.co/A7KQDA1XQk
DigComics 100% right=Google honors 50th of MLKspeech;how about save same day 2017;100th bday of greatest comic artist ever? http://t.co/haaCdljnDI

Chicken With Plums

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Best known for her autobiographical work, Iranian artist Marjane Satrapi here instead offers a portrait of a long-lost relative who also happened to be a musical genius. The wonderfully woven tale incorporates history with artistic license as we see a man who has given everything to the practice of his beloved tar (a type of guitar) only to see his life slip away from him the day his wife breaks it during an angry fight. It's a powerful glimpse into the selfishness of an all-consuming artist who finds the repressive culture he lives in stifling. Satrapi's illustrations seem to form like clouds, leaving impressions of flesh and blood folk. At once a compelling tale of a faraway land lost to time, and an omnipresent statement on human frailties.










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