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Nerdgasm - Screening Dig Comics


Reading comic books has been a passion of mine since I was in grade school. Like many people it was comic books that sparked my interest in reading. Unlike a lot of people I continue to read comic books to this day. Unfortunately many people “grow out” of reading comic books as they are often seen as kids stuff. Those of us who grow up with comics discover that there are more to comic books than capes and tights.

There are as many worlds in the pages of comic books as there are channels on television and the fun comes when you open that comic book and immerse yourself into that world. So how do we get others to see that comics rock and that they are not just for kids?

Miguel Cima has the same question and he’s looking for answers. This past Saturday at Jim Hanley’s Universe I got to preview Miguel’s documentary, Dig Comics. The documentary is written and directed by Miguel. It explores why readership in the American comic book industry is dying and what can be done about it. Dig Comics takes a look at the history of comic book readership and where it began to dwindle. It not only looks at the problem but discusses some solutions to raising the readership of comic books.

In Dig Comics Miguel speaks to industry insiders like Jeff Loeb and Scott Shaw to gain their perspective on the problem and what they see as possible solutions. He also takes it to the streets. Going out there and asking people why they don’t read comic books when they enjoy the movies based on them. Some of the answers will surprise you. He left comic books with many of the people he spoke to in hopes that their interest in comics will be sparked and grow from there.

Dig Comics is very informative and makes you think about the comic book industry and how it will survive the years to come. This is something every comic book fan should be interested in and as fans we should all take up the cause along with Miguel. I’ll leave you with the same challenge that Miguel left everyone the audience at the screening. Get people to dig comics. Give them out as gifts for the holidays. There’s a comic book out there for everyone let’s do our part to get it to them.